Proxy Voting Advisory

Empowering your every responsible vote

  • To Practice Responsible Investment
  • To Safeguard Shareholder Interests
  • To Improve Company Quality
  • To Conduct ESG Investments

ZD Proxy – Empowering Shareholder Voting

  • One-Stop Voting Monitoring Platform
  • In-depth Voting Analysis
  • Responsible Voting Recommendation
  • Comprehensive Proxy Review
Real-time tracking of shareholder meetings

Comprehensive access to detailed shareholder meeting information

Comprehensive analysis on E/S/G issues

Review each resolution with a case-by-case approach

Independent & professional voting recommendations

Actively engage with companies to improve their governance quality

  • 6%

    Against recommendation rate by resolution

  • 30%

    Against recommendation rate by meeting

Comprehensive statistical and analytical insights of voting results

Market changes and trends analyzed through typical voting case studies

Customized proxy advisory services

  • Case #1
  • Case # 2

ZD Proxy Paper: A Window into In-Depth Understanding of A-Share Corporate Governance

ZD provides voting advisory services to
  1. Stewardship team
  2. ESG investing and research team
  3. Portfolio managers
  4. Research analysts
ZD helps global institutional investors to
  1. Gain a better understanding of A-share corporate governance
  2. Learn more about general practices in the A-share market
  3. Closely Track dynamics of Chinese regulators
ZD Proxy Paper
  • Analysis of corporate governance
  • Interpretation of China laws and regulations
  • Closely monitor of regulatory updates
  • Understanding of A-share general practice
  • Advice on engagement with companies

ZD Voting Advisory: Building Customized End-to-End Voting Management System

Customized proxy voting guidelines
  1. Close alignment of global standards and A-share local practices
  2. Tailored internal guidelines to practice voting in the A-share market
  3. Covering 19 major resolution types and 50 sub-agenda items
Voting process reconstructed
  1. Comprehensive review and redesign of internal voting process
  2. Clear delineation of processes and responsible parties for monitoring, analysis, approval, and execution stages
Voting system implementation
  1. Building an IT system for voting operations
  2. Enhancing digital management of voting records, tracking and review
Professional voting recommendations
  1. Covering A-share companies as instructed by our client and tracking their shareholder meetings
  2. Issuing proxy papers with voting recommendations several days prior to the meetings
  3. On-demand consultation services regarding agenda items
Regular data analysis
  1. Providing data support for voting, including statistics of meeting attendance and resolution results
  2. Quarterly/annual data compilation and analysis
  3. Support for voting data disclosure


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