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Founded in 2016, ZD Proxy has been committed to research on A-share corporate governance and providing professional, in-depth proxy advisory services to institutional investors. By now, we have covered 1,000+ A-share listed companies for a clientele of institutional investors with a total AUM exceeding 20 trillion US dollars globally.

We are proud to say that we are driving the engagement of institutional investors in the A-share market and pioneering proxy advisory services in China from 0 to 1.

We believe that proxy voting is a powerful tool to improve corporate governance. While A-share corporate governance is marked by "controlling shareholder dominance" for a long time, votes from minority shareholders still matter.

In recent years, we find that minority shareholders are being increasingly heard, with the rise of dispersed shareholder ownership, the development of institutional investors, and regulators' supportive of minority shareholders wielding their power of voting rights to make an impact. As an independent advisory firm, we are working closely with institutional investors to actively engage with companies and firmly vote against them when necessary, as an approach to responsible investing.

Since inception, ZD has been committed to serve to bridge the gap in communication between institutional investors and their portfolio companies, as well as the gap between global investors' perception of China's corporate governance and the reality. We believe that building a high-quality capital market in China will need concerted efforts from all market participants. At ZD Proxy, we hope to make our contribution through proxy advisory services to help improve the governance and sustainability of listed companies.

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