ESG Data & Research

Identify core risks and support your investment decisions

  • Three Pillars
  • Four Aspects

Our corporate governance evaluation model is based on three pillars

  • Value
    Can the corporate governance model support
    the company's sustainable value creation?
  • Risks
    Do the key governance behaviors of the
    core decision-making body of the company involve potential risks?
  • Transparency
    Does the company disclose information and
    engage with investors in a sufficient, timely, and transparent manner?

With years of in-depth research on A-share governance, we help clients identify governance risks from four aspects:

Governance Risks Screening

  • Shareholding and control structure
  • Key decision-makers
  • Key governance actions
  • External supervision
  • One-stop platform
  • Data services
  • In-depth governance risk screening
  • Coverage of 1,000+ A-share listed companies

  • Identification of 200+ risk points

  • Full scanning of governance practice

  • Focus on key governance issues and risks

  • Real-time updates and risk alerts

  • E
  • S
  • G
  • Disclosure based on TCFD
    Basic environmental data
    Environmental penalties
  • Supply chain
    Employee benefits
  • Control structure
    Shareholder meeting
    Board of directors
    Related party transactions
    Remuneration and incentives
    Regulatory proceedings and lawsuits
  • 1,000+

    A-share companies covered

  • 800+

    Governance data points

  • 200+

    Governance risk factors

  • >5

    >5 Years of historical data

Conduct tailored research into corporate governance of companies

  • Adoption of mature analysis framework

  • Identification of core governance issues

  • Analysis of key governance information and data

  • Clear presentation of governance risks


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